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Crewing Agent

As a User of Cfarersworld you would have access to two seafarer databases :

  • Database which you could maintain independently and securely on Cfarersworld
  • Database of seafarers maintained by Cfarersworld

You will be connected with your present ship owners and there is a unique opportunity to increase the number of clients if you are able to provide quality candidates.

You would get specific seafarer requirements right into your account and you can propose seafarers from within the system.

You will also be provided a state-of-the-art dashboard as a snapshot of your activities.

You would also be able to book discounted course for your seafarers through Cfarersworld.

Features of the platform
  • Manage your Seafarers data securely, accessible from anywhere
  • Follow up with seafarers, keep log of communication, track DOA
  • Get seafarer requirements from registered ship operators directly into the system
  • Receive application from seafarers for your specific requirements
  • Find details of vessels of their interest
  • Search and book courses for their seafarers
  • Facilitate data upload into DG Shipping from within the system (e-migrate)
  • Connect to all seafarers by sending broadcast messages