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Ship Operator

As a ship operator you always need to get qualified seafarers at appropriate budget on-board your vessels. Cfarersworld helps you to find the right seafarer quickly by enabling you to post specific seafarer requirements in a jiffy.

You can also track vessels of your fleet and get updated on the personnel on a particular vessel.

The moment you post a requirement, this will appear to all your associated crewing agencies and seafarers. The agencies and seafarers would be individually notified of the requirement. Cfarersworld reduces your efforts by stopping duplicate proposal of same seafarer by different agency. Further you can also manage data of your seafarers on Cfarersworld with various notifications as desired.

There are exhaustive reports which could be generated, to provide you interesting insights into your business to assist you in making informed business decisions.

Features of the platform
  • Secure Seafarers Data management system with alerts
  • Post seafarer requirements to their registered crew agencies
  • Stop duplicate seafarer proposals from crewing agencies
  • Search and book courses online for your seafarers
  • Live position tracking of your entire fleet
  • Option to post requirements to many crewing companies with one click